About Slice Furniture

Slice Furniture is me, Kevin Costello. I'm the employee, boss and owner,  all in one, making furniture in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with the help of  various friends and CNC shops.  Furniture became my focus after I began  re-upholstering Mid-Century Modern chairs and couches found on curbs and  in dumpsters to decorate my modern living room the low-budget way.

I spent my days modeling all the various CAD (computer-aided design)  parts for the automotive and aircraft industries. At night I tore apart  lounge chairs.  My house was soon stuffed with re-upholstery projects.  It was either time to buy a bigger house or to move

So I moved to Minnesota to take advantage of the tremendous  woodworking resources in the Twin Cities. Here I found a Biesse CNC router that streamlined production. I hooked my computer and my CAD  software up to it, and started making modern furniture starting in 2008

Watching a CNC machine cut a piece of wood will never get old, but over time,  the lure of the art of woodworking revealed a value added that can only  be accomplished with hand finishing.  Today my industrial modern  designs combine cutting-edge technology with the warmth of  craftsmanship.