The Beauty of Plywood

Why not?  I admit it, I love plywood and loved it long before I had heard of the Eameses or Aalto or Thonet.  This affair started a long time ago in Rochester Hills, MI at the house of Denmark (rip).  I thought the teak stuff was great but a certain lamp, made out of plywood was what drew me back to the store every weekend.  I couldn't afford to buy it then but I could afford to go look at it, so I did that.

It's really the dark lines between the ply that appealed to me.  Having always liked ink drawings that was what the lines reminded me of.  It was an added interest, I thought a bit of a story within the design of the piece of furniture.

So not knowing of the pivotal place plywood has in modern furniture it was my choice of medium long before I had any inkling that I'd be making furniture.  Someone wrote that plywood bridges the gap between technology and nature.  That fits well with what I do.